Business Money Market

Growing Your Savings for Financial Freedom

At Baytree, we want to help your business succeed, and we know growing your savings is a big part of that equation. That’s why we offer savings plans geared towards your individual needs.

Simply put, money in savings means freedom—so your business can pursue new goals, take advantage of exciting opportunities, and become more profitable.

With our business money market account, we put your money to work for you, giving you high interest rates as well as more liquidity than you’d get with a Certificate of Deposit. Your money grows while you still have access to it—so you can plan for the future while still providing for the present.

Whatever your company’s savings goals, Baytree is here to help you make them reality. Come talk with a commercial banker today about setting up a business money market account that benefits your company.

Business Money Market Account

  • Minimum of $100 required to open account
  • Fee of $5 if average collected monthly balance falls below $1500
  • ATM Card for deposits and balance inquiries with no annual fees
  • Online Banking and BillPay services
  • Monthly statements with imaged checks
  • No more than six transfers or withdrawals per monthly statement cycle by means of preauthorized or automatic transfer, order of instruction, or telephonic means
  • Unlimited transfers for repaying a loan or related expenses
  • Unlimited transfers to deposit accounts
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