True Community Banking

What Is a True Community Bank?

Simply put, a community bank focuses on you, the people of the community.

That’s because a community bank is more than just a local branch; it’s a place run by the people of your community, people who share your ideals for growing local business and who care about helping your family.

Where at big corporations, you’re merely an account number, at a community-focused bank like Baytree, you’re a neighbor and a friend—one who deserves our time and respect. We live where you live. We work where you work. Whether you walk in our doors, or call us, we know you.

Because of our deep roots in the communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, we’re committed to helping local business grow. We channel most of our loans into the neighborhoods where you live and work, and we’re always available with advice and support.

Our bankers take the time to get to know you and your family, so they can see the big picture of your finances and design custom strategies to help you achieve your goals. We know you, so we are able to look at more than just impersonal criteria when making loan decisions; we consider character, family history, and spending habits. What’s more, our decision makers are right in the building, not far away at some corporate headquarters.

What sets a true community bank like Baytree apart is the thing that matters most: you. That’s why at Baytree, you finally get the service you deserve.

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